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                           Services for Veterinariansand Rescue Organizations


 I especially like to partner with veterinarians because when their clients contact me for help with their dogs, I'm assured that their medical needs have been attended to first.​ And I know from speaking with veterinarian professionals, the most trying and frustrating behaviors their client's dogs present are ​separation anxiety, generalized anxiety, reactivity and aggression.​ To date the general public here in America, including the veterinarian community, hasn't really been made aware of Jan Fennell's work and her method of Amichien® Bonding.  That's why my outreach to Veterinarians is so very important. 

 I am always honored and pleased to be invited to offer an in-service presentation free of charge for veterinarians and their staff so they can learn a bit about this wonderful, kind solution to all non-medical dog behavioral challenges and can then refer their clients to me for real help in solving what can be deeply challenging, troubling behaviors that can  often turn dangerous. Even dogs who are undergoing treatment for a medical condition can show real improvement in their healing because stress is alleviated, allowing the dog's own immune function to come to the fore and speed the healing process.

 Contact me to today to schedule an in-service presentation at your                                                                                 facility!

 Special thanks go out to the Milton Veterinary Hospital's doctors and staff for the continued confidence they have shown by regularly referring their clients to me for help with their dog's behaviors! 


                                RESCUE /SHELTER ORGANIZATIONS

Rescues and shelters face unique challenges in the work that they do while saving the lives of animals who might otherwise be destroyed, not the least of which are the behaviors of the dogs themselves as they struggle to make sense of all the changes they're experiencing on their way to finding their forever homes.

 Amichien® Bonding  allows shelter staff and fosters to put the dog at ease through natural communication the dogs immediately understand. The dogs are able to calm and relax while in the rescue's care, which means they will have a greater chance of showing their real personality to prospective adopters. Concerning behaviors some dogs may show such as aggression or anxiety and fear can be effectively addressed in a way that is positive, peaceful and kind while making sense to the dog, encouraging a relationship with staff and fosters that is cooperative and less challenging.

I am very happy to offer my services to adoptive families to help keep the dogs in their homes. My fee can be split between the adoptive family and the rescue in order to offer the family a reduced rate for my help.

I am also thrilled to hold in-home consultations with fosters for a reduced rate as well, so the tools to help rescue dogs succeed are in the foster's capable hands!

 Contact me for more information on how I can share this wonderful method with your organization for the benefit of the dogs!