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Services Offered

In-Home Consultations:

​I travel to client's homes to share Amichien® Bonding (aka Dog Listening method). This allows the client complete privacy, as well as my being able to observe the dog(s) in their home environment, behaving as they do naturally. I also see the layout of the client's home in which there are tools that can be utilized to help teach the dog and I also see the client's relationship with their dog. This gives me lots of information about how clients and their dogs interact with one another and how they communicate (or, MIScommunicate). I then share the simple tools and understandings about the dog's true nature, it's own perspective and share with clients how to work with their dog's instincts, rather than against in order to create willing cooperation. Reviewing all of the dog's behavioral issues, clients have plenty of practice using this new information and learn just how simple it is to kindly shape their dog's behavior while building a relationship of deep trust, which allows the dog to learn to see their people as being calm, confident and consistent leaders.

 Dogs look for leadership in their families just as humans looks for leadership in all aspects of life. By evidencing leadership that matches the canine's own criteria, communicated in the dog's own language, dogs recognize these leadership signals and respond. Leadership isn't about bullying or violence; rather it's about behaving in a way which is consistently calm, intelligent, confident, and trustworthy. Think of someone who you respect, admire and would trust with your life. Those are the qualities dogs look for in their leaders.

Consultations take at least three hours and require all who have regular interactions with the dog to attend so that all are communicating the same information to the dog.

This method is positive, respectful, all-natural and kind.

Looking for help or support but don't want an in-home consultation? No problem! 

No matter where you are in the world, I can help:

Online Coaching:

  I offer online coaching sessions to those who have read Jan Fennell's book, "The Dog Listener", or Tony Knight's e-book, "Think Like A Dog". I meet with clients using Skype, Facebook Video Chat or Google HangOut  to review each of The Four Areas of Amichien Bonding and address any questions you may have regarding the method and how to correctly apply the techniques. 

  **Please note:  This service is to address general questions regarding the client's application and understanding of the method, not to give advice specific to the client's own dog. This is because it would be unethical for me to advise the client about their own dog, not having directly observed the client's dog in their home environment. However, due to the simplicity of the Dog Listener method, clients can experience wonderful success with their dogs with support in this manner.

                                                 Online Coaching: $75/60 Min.  $45/30 Min.

Group Classes:

  I have developed classes in which to teach the Four Areas of the Dog Listener method in a group format. These are conducted over a period of weeks, meeting in four, two-hour segments.  Each lesson will build upon the previous one and will include time for sharing, questions and discussion of participant's experiences, challenges and triumphs with their dogs. It should be noted that this is a "humans only" experience.

If you are interested in a class environment and would like to be notified as to when the classes will be scheduled, please feel free to email me at rebecca_trono@yahoo.com or call me at 802-893-4812 

Animal Reiki:

  I am pleased to once again offer Animal Reiki as part of my offered services. Reiki is a complementary healing modality which can be done in either distant sessions, or in the client's home. It is gentle yet very powerful energy healing which promotes stress relief, well-being and balance on all levels, supporting the body's own ability to heal. As we know, stress can have a range of deleterious effects on the body. Relieving stress allows the body's own innate wisdom and healing processes to work more efficiently to promote wellness and health.

  If you would like to learn more about Reiki and what an in-home or Distant Animal Reiki session would look like with your animal, please feel free to contact me.

                                                            One-hour In-Home Sessions:  $75

                                                                      Distant Sessions:  $45