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The in-home consultation is where you will receive a complete tutorial in the Amichien® Bonding method, which give you a full understanding of why a dog does what it does and a simple way to shape desired behavior and quietly correct undesirable behaviors without the use of fear, force, frustration, drugs or gadgets such as shocking/vibration/beeping or prong collars, shirts, harnesses.

Consultations last at least 3 hours and take place in the privacy of your own home with all members of the household who have regular contact with the dog(s). This allows me to see the dog in its own environment, behaving naturally, as well as being able to see the relationship between the people and dog.  During the consultation you will receive:

  • A complete tutorial in Canine Communication that will allow you to truly communicate clearly with your dog and to kindly shape behaviors
  • An understanding of the dog's own perspective and how to answer the dog's needs and questions in a kind, clear and positive way they immediately understand.
  • An Action Plan tailored to your dog's behaviors that serves as a quick reference and easy reminder of what everyone needs to do daily to help your dog
  • Hands-on, practical experience using the AB method during my presence to you can feel comfortable and confident in applying AB consistently
  • Printed reference materials for quick reference and review of techniques
  • A copy of "The Dog Listener" DVD to keep for reviewing the method
  • My contact information for easy access to me for any questions, situations  or new behaviors that arise.


Approximately two weeks after the consultation a follow-up meeting takes place, either by phone or by Skype  wherein progress is discussed, as well as answering any questions or issues that have arisen since the consultation. After this, the family receives lifetime backup support from me by phone, email, text or Skype. As we know, "life happens", changes come, dogs leave our lives and new ones enter, so lifetime support means that whatever comes, you will be able to get answers when you need them for your dog's behaviors.

Cost is a one-time fee of $400. Mileage fees may apply, and the first 50 miles are free.

I serve Vermont and the surrounding Northeastern states and Canada, as well as anywhere my services are needed, although travel costs must be paid by the client.

I highly recommend that my clients obtain a copy of Jan Fennell's book, "The Dog Listener" , which gives an even more detailed background of Amichien® Bonding; and how Jan came to develop this method, one she has shared in England and internationally for the past 25 years, transforming people's lives with their dogs, one family at a time.

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