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I serve Vermont, the Northeast and will travel anywhere a dog and its family need me to, travel charges will apply for distances.

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I am a long-time dog guardian, living with dogs throughout my life. I dedicated much time in study of dog behavior as well as fostering dogs along the way. In 2013 I traveled to England to study with Jan Fennell, completing both the Foundation and Advanced Courses, after which I was invited to continue my study, completing the Graduate work needed to become a Dog Listener. Since that time I have attained the ranking of "Highly Recommended Associate", having coached many others in applying Jan's wonderful method. I am fortunate to be a part of an amazing worldwide team of Dog Listeners; a group of professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in helping others to apply Amichien® Bonding. I am also an Animal Reiki Master/Teacher, which ties in nicely with AB's philosophy of compassion for the amazing animal that the canine truly is. I have faced many an undesirable behavior in my own dogs, and it was my boy Emmett's refusal to eat that led me to find Jan Fennell and AB. I will be forever grateful to him and to Jan for showing me that force need never be a part of my relationship with my dogs.

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