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     Do you struggle with your dog's troubling behaviors such as:

  • Pulling on the leash, reacting to other dogs and/or people while on a walk
  • Fearfulness/anxiety/reactivity
  • ​Excessive barking, jumping up, nipping/biting
  • Aggression in and/or outside of the home
  • Toileting in the home​
  • Separation anxiety that results in destruction and more...?​​​​
  • ​Have you read books, enrolled in classes, hired trainer after trainer, only to have them shrug their shoulders and offer no real solution?​

Have these behaviors become so distressing that you're even considering medication, gadgets that shock/prong/choke, 

re-homing your dog or perhaps even putting it to sleep?


Have you been thinking about adopting a rescue dog, but hesitate because you're worried about "inheriting" previous owner's problems or not being able to deal with possible troubling behaviors because it's a rescue dog?

Maybe you already have a wonderful relationship with your dog, but always wonder if perhaps you're missing something that could allow you to create an even more satisfying relationship.

                                                            I was once where you are now​. ​

There is a REAL solution for every non-medical behavioral issue that is simple, positive, all-natural, respectful and peaceful while being deeply powerful and effective. It works with every breed of dog of every age because the dogs themselves recognize and understand it, directly addressing the reasons why these behaviors develop in the first place.

 Best of all, you don't need to buy more equipment, learn more commands or have an advanced degree to understand and implement it.

 In the privacy of your home you can gain the understanding, simple tools and hands-on practice ​with a method that will empower you to take control and bring peace back to your relationship with your dog and your home. Click on "Services Offered" to learn more.

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      for more information and to schedule a private, in-home consultation.

  **See my "Services Offered" page for MORE ways to learn the Dog Listening                                        method or to receive help in applying it with your dog.**

                                                                    From chaos to calm
​​                                                     From frustration to cooperation
​​                                                             Simple. Kind. Respectful.
 ​​​                                                                         The AB Way